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The debate o­n the abolition of the death penalty is kindled anew, as people still continue in some countries of the world being sentenced to death and executed. Each of us has seen or read pictures, TV - reports and newspaper articles o­n the subject. Opinions concerning the continuation or abolition of the death penalty are still split, but there are now, due to the global presence of some human rights organizations, led by Amnesty International, more and more opponents of the death penalty.

The debate o­n the abolition of the death penalty has grown up today to a debate with profound cultural background, particularly regarding the role of the Near and Middle East (Iran, Saudi - Arabia) in the discussion. In these countries, executions of people convicted because of their sexuality or their religious beliefs to death, are still o­n the agenda. The United Nations regularly deal with this problem and could move even a few nations to abolish the death penalty.

Execution Chamber
The quote of the Indian politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mahatma Gandhi “eye for an eye - and the whole world will be blind " had been already thought – provoking for many people in the 20th Century, including senior politicians and is still relevant today.

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