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1. Chop the Marseille soap if you bought it whole (10 seconds in a blender is enough).

2. Boil the water in a saucepan and add the soap shavings until they are completely melted.

3. Turn off the heat and slowly add the baking soda and the soda crystals. WARNING !!!! It can lather a lot, so go gently and especially take a large casserole or saucepan to do this. Relight the fire but at minimum power and you will see the foam forming. The fire should not really be strong, otherwise be careful of the overflow. Blend for 2 minutes until the lye has a foamy and even texture. It won’t be perfect but there is the mixing step at the end so don’t worry. Let cool.

4. Add a few drops of fragrances if desired and mix well. Do this only when the mixture is cool!

5. For a creamy texture, mix (in a thermomix or blender) the detergent once it has cooled, then pour it into a container.

For my part, I use a container of detergent bought in the supermarket that I reuse. Do not fill to the brim as it may foam and you will need to shake it each time before use.

After cooling completely, you can use it. You will notice that the detergent becomes a bit solid, less creamy and smooth, it’s not that it’s messed up, you just need to stir well before pouring into the machine. If it’s been a while since you have it, go back to the blender to find the smooth and creamy texture.

For the amount of detergent used in each machine, it’s like industrial detergent, I use the equivalent of about a glass. It’s largely enough. With this recipe all stains come off easily, and no unpleasant odor can resist it.


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