Do you love traveling and visiting historic cities with their landmarks? Visiting Normandy in France with your family could be the ideal thing to do. But to tour memorable locations, you need information that will make your trip stress-free and enjoyable. This guide features Normandy interesting sites and their history for your traveling delight.

What to know about Normandy

Normandy is situated in the Northern part of France and is close to the United Kingdom. A journey to Normandy could be one of the most educational and memorable holidays for you and your family. The interesting sites include spectacular seashores, seaports, motels by the sea, and villas in normandy. Chateaux and manors also spread around the breathtaking community. As a matter of fact, you can rent villas where you and your family will stay in Normandy.

The place’s history shows notable figures like Jeanne d’Arc, King Richard the Lionheart, and William the conqueror associated with Normandy. Second World War history indicates that the Allied forces landed there on D-Day.

Normandy is separated from the UK by the English Channel. You can easily travel there by train or ferry from the UK. This destination has five departments, providing you with fascinating cities you can explore. They include Orne, Manche, Seine-Maritime, Calvados, and Eure.

Places to see in Normandy

Art lovers can go to Monet’s Garden to see exhibits of Monet’s paintings. Also, the church building of Rouen and Mont Saint-Michel are unrivaled striking architectural masterworks in Normandy. Indeed, one of Normandy interesting sites is Rouen. It is Normandy’s seat of government. The city is about half an hour’s train ride from Paris. Besides, Le Havre and Caen and also beautiful cities you can see in Normandy.

The Mont Saint-Michel

The Benedictine Church building is an architectural piece of work constructed in the 10th century. There are guides that could take you around that popular place by day trip from Paris. The Abbey is on a stony island next to the origin of the Couesnon River. Note that sometimes the water in the area usually has high tides that could cut off entry to that place.

History has it that people from other parts of Europe came to that Church to study. To see this historic island that the British could not conquer, lodge in a Hotel there and take a stroll around.

The Metropolis of Caen

Caen is a historic municipality in Normandy. This city grew in the 11th century, when William the Conqueror and his queen Matilda of Flanders reigned. That king built the Abbey aux Hommes in Norman Romanesque architecture, and Williams’ tomb is in that Abbey. Apart from the rich history, this city has its share of Normandy interesting sites visitors love to tour.

Caen features villas, cafes, shops, museums, and gardens. The Université de Caen Normandie is in that town. That educational institution has more than 30 thousand students. Again, from Caen, you can link Paris and Portsmouth in the UK. Another tourist attraction is World War II Caen Museum keeping the Genocide and French occupation history. That memorial museum also has a sacred room keeping the D-Day items you could see.

Normandy is a tourist favorite because of all its historical site. All the departments offer visitors exciting places to see. So, you could rent a car and start touring the sites or go by train.