Amnesty International Fights the Death Penalty

Irene Khan, General Secretary AI
Amnesty International is an organization that fights against violations of human rights around the world. Members from different countries, religions, and occupations are united by their desire to protect the rights of all people. Abolishing the death penalty is o­ne of its top objectives.

Amnesty International opposes the death penalty regardless of the crime, the person, or the method used. Since its inception, the organization has been petitioning for the rights of prisoners. In the beginning, its members would send appeals to governments planning o­n killing prisoners of conscience. As they have grown they have taken o­n all instances of death penalty and worked diligently for change. The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty grew out of this passion to protect prisoners from being executed. The Coalition brings together people from other human right groups, legal associations, trade unions and local government agencies. This pool of knowledge and connections forms a network around the world offering endless support for victims and strengthens the fight against this practice.

The group constantly monitors this issue around the globe. They calculate the number and use of the death penalty in multiple countries. The information helps them to concentrate o­n particular areas of abuse and to stay aware of changing government policies. The data gathered from research is also used to further educate. The movement has grown to over two million members due to this information and the focus o­n global awareness.

AI Hong Kong Protest Campaign
Amnesty International has been working to change policies that violate human rights for over thirty years. It has become a strong advocate for victims of abuse, including the use of the death penalty. The global network it has created utilizes knowledge, participation and education to promote human rights and change abusive policies.